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Does Quality Matter in Bearings?

How far the quality of a product influences our daily live? In our daily life, we can find products without spending too much cost.

We also have heard that there are a lot of products that perform well, because it depends on the treatment. However, can this case apply on bearing?

We advise you to play safely in bearing. Bearings have to fit properly and they also have to be the ones we think you’re buying. Here, Garuda Bearindo Makmur chooses certain brands for a reason for your industrial needs. As your trusted bearing distributor, we are consistent to build our reputation to provide the best bearing products for our customer.

Because you are important, we work tirelessly to fulfill our customer’ needs for bearing. We know when you install one of their bearings in a robotic arm, a front-end loader, or the transportation, that the bearings we use were made using the proper specifications, went through rigorous testing, and are proven for the uses for which they are made.

The companies that make and distribute them have reputations to uphold and extensive quality control programs. They were balanced correctly and polished to cut down on friction and metal burrs. When we start the tractor, space shuttle, or wind turbine, we know it will run efficiently and keep the operators safe.

Garuda Bearindo Makmur ensures that our bearing products are original and qualified for your industrial needs from the trusted bearing companies. We work professionally and honestly with the bearing companies. We believe that our products will grow the performance of your industry.

Does quality matter? You bet it does.

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